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15 Mar Film Review: Alpha
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“Alpha,” a spectacular prehistoric eye-candy survival yarn, is enthralling in a square and slightly stolid way. It’s the tale of a young hunter stranded in the wilderness, who proves his manhood and becomes best friends with a wolf, and it’s like a Disney adventure fueled by a higher octane of visua..
20 Dec How to Tell If You Have a Real Damascus Steel Blade
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Real Damascus KnifeThe knife world is plagued with fakes and frauds.People on eBay are trying to pass off $400 Sebenzas as real and sellers on Amazon are unknowingly selling fake CRKT and SOGs to unsuspecting customers.Because of all the tricksterism plaguing the knife community, I often get asked w..
08 Dec Who Did Movie Knives Better? “First Blood” vs. “The Hunted”
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Here’s a look at a movie knife classic, First Blood, and a movie that tried to rip off Rambo. Spoiler alert: ripping off Rambo is never a good idea.Knife Use in First Blood: Rambo-esque, but Not RidiculousAfter I saw First Blood, the first Rambo movie, some buddies and I started to look at it with a..
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