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A Great Guarantee of My Products

We guarantee total satisfaction. You, the customer, decide what satisfaction is. You decide how long you are entitled to be satisfied.

If you buy a knife and don't use it for ten years and when you do use it you want to return it, do so. If you think that a knife should provide good service for ten years and it only does so for seven years, tell us so. You are in charge of our guarantee.

Does anyone pick up one of our knives in a flea market or pawnshop and send it to us saying, give me a new knife for this? Yes, two or three a year do this. They misunderstand our guarantee, they are not our customer. The customer obviously felt that the knife had served its purpose and traded or sold it to somebody else.

Sears and Wal-Mart once had guarantees as strong as ours, but abuse forced them to change. We have an advantage over them. Our customers are not the general public, they are people who like fine knives and are for some reason, special. We have the greatest, most trustworthy customers in the world. We can afford the world’s strongest guarantee.

Real Damascus Knive

Renee Hunter