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09 Sep The Most Effective Method to Pick the Best Hunting Knife
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The most effective Method to Pick the Best Hunting KnifeIf you found your way to this page, chances are you're looking for the best hunting knife ever made. But we are going to level with you. No single hunting knife trumps them all. The truth is a little more complicated.There are countless fantastic hunting knives on the market with features that some people love and others hate. This guide will educate you on the features of a great hunting knife and give you enough knowledge to select the be..
20 Dec How to Tell If You Have a Real Damascus Steel Blade
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Real Damascus Knife The knife world is plagued with fakes and frauds.People on eBay are trying to pass off $400 Sebenzas as real and sellers on Amazon are unknowingly selling fake CRKT and SOGs to unsuspecting customers.Because of all the tricksterism plaguing the knife community, I often get asked whether a knife is real or fake. While I recently wrote a guide on how to spot a counterfeit knife, it didn’t address another popular question — is my Damascus knife a fake?Damascus knives are becomin..
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